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Basic data

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In recent years, data has become a key phenomenon defining our modern societies. Worldwide, businesses and governmental institutions work together on improving the lives of citizens using so-called basic data: data on citizens and businesses, that are publicly available. And the results are groundbreaking indeed.

In order to spread awareness on how organisations can gain access to- and utilise basic data most efficiently, Netcompany has – in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – gathered a range of high-profile experts who will share their insights about basic data’s big potential.

As basic data is a vast area to cover, we will explore the subject throughout a series of three online broadcasts where we narrow down our focus and look at relevant case stories on how implementing basic data can make a difference for governments, organisations, and citizens alike. By signing up on this page, you get access to all three episodes.

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Basic data broadcast series

On demand | Episode #1

André Rogaczewski, CEO & Co-founder Netcompany
Kristian Moeller, Director General The Danish
Agency for Data and Efficiency

How basic data was utilized to make life much simpler for citizens in Denmark

On demand | Episode #2

Dag Jordbru, Department Director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency
Stephen Koch, Executive Director of
Platforms NHS

Using the power of basic data to improve the healthcare system in Norway and the UK

On demand | Episode #3

Roeland Allewijn, Chief Data Officer Dutch Ministry of Water and Infrastructure
David Norheim, Head of Business Development Brønnøysund Register Centre

Basic data as a means to improving road safety in France, and simplifying applications for bank loans in Norway 


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